OfficePACK (C040100)


OfficePACK (C040100)

The OfficePACK contains all the items needed for office hysteroscopy in one convenient package that is designed for easy set up and disposal. The OfficePACK contains: a custom mayo drape with built-in instrument pockets and trash container; an OfficeSPEC disposable, side-opening speculum with a light; a 1.2  mm endoscopic double sealing seal; inflow and outflow tubing with LuerLok® adaptors; an underbuttocks drape with a graded drain bag; and a drawstring for easy, post-procedure disposal.

Key Benefits

  • Disposable components: All of the components in the OfficePACK are disposable and latex-free, including an OfficeSPEC disposable side-opening speculum with a built-in light source and a 1.2 mm endoscopic seal.
  • Sterile Packaging: All items are sterile packed on a disposable mayo tray and are ready for use.
  • Easy clean up: The mayo tray drape doubles as trash bag with ties for easy post-procedure clean up.

Product Support

OfficePACK Includes:

  • 1 Disposable Mayo Tray
  • 1 Mayo Tray Drape
  • 2 Plastic Cotton Tip
  • 15 Gauze 100 x 100 mm
  • 1 Surgical Lubricant, 3 g
  • 1 Povidone Iodine Solution with 3 Plastic Cotton Tip
  • 1 Alcohol Prep Pad
  • 1 Spinal Needle 22 GA
  • Sanitary Paper
  • 1 Cysto Irrigation Set Inflow with LuerLok® Fitting
  • 1 Outflow Tubing with LuerLok® Fitting
  • 2 Gloves
  • 1 OfficeSPEC Disposable Side-Opening Speculum with Light
  • 1 Endoscopic Seal 1.2 mm with LuerLok® Fitting
  • 1 Item Tray
  • 1 Under Buttocks Drape with Graded Collection Bag

*All Items in OfficePACK are sterile and latex-free

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