Reprocessing Products

Olympus offers an automated endoscope reprocessor and three chemicals for cleaning and reprocessing endoscopy equipment.


Automation, reliability and Smart Navigation greatly improve the user experience in the new OER-Elite AER.


A reprocessing documentation, workflow and asset management system.


Providing endoscope protection and bacterial growth prevention.


Dual-scope AER designed for optimal compatibility between Olympus scopes, reprocessor, and chemistry.


Room temperature, aldehyde-free, reusable liquid chemical germicide designed for exclusive use with the OER-Pro.


Fast-acting, room-temperature high-level disinfectant for reprocessing.

Olympus Knowledge Exchange System (KE)

A next generation software platform offering facilities centralized reprocessing record and image management through expanded connectivity of Olympus devices.


The fastest, most compact Automated Endoscope Leak Tester on the market, ALT-Pro.

FlexClean® 895

Biodegradable, highly concentrated detergent for endoscope cleaning.

ScopeLocker with HEPA

Keep endoscopes clean, dry and protected.

Endo SafeStack

Providing a secure method of transporting endoscopes as well as a clear process for identifying clean and contaminated scopes.

PROTECH Flexible Endoscope Tip Protector

Provides a protective barrier around endoscope tips during transport and storage, while also helping to identify scope reprocessing status.